Fragrant craft beer from the forests and highlands

Fujizakura Heights Beer was born in 1997 in a secluded brewery located deep in the forest in the northern foothills of sacred Mt. Fuji,
1000 meters above sea level.

Since then, our brewery has been brewing the ultimate beer from carefully selected ingredients and the high-quality soft water that flows from the foothills of Mt. Fuji, based on German brewing techniques.

Soft, fine foam like silk, due to the natural carbonation process. Derived from the finest malts, hops, and yeast, our aromas and flavors are fruity, sometimes smoky, and always refreshing, with considerable depth.

Our exacting standards for the beers we consider “ultimate” have been formed through the DNA of brewers who never compromise, and our beers have been highly acclaimed by numerous beer reviewing committees, both in Japan and overseas.

Appreciation for the rich nature at the foothills of Mt. Fuji; relentless curiosity about new styles of beer; and a deep, abiding respect for tradition that never fades over time.

Through the DNA that has been passed down from the simplest of starting points—our wish to see drinkers smile—we will continue to create these gifts from Mt. Fuji at our forest and highlands brewery.


  • PILS


    Golden premium lager
    full of stimulating hops



    Fruity aroma and flavor that
    overturn the image of beer



    “A hit of smoky flavor”
    Twice crowned world winner



    A new standard for “black,”
    fusing sharpness & sweetness

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Through its online shop, Fujizakura Heights Beer sells fresh craft beer in paramount condition.
Enjoy a few moments of luxury with Fujizakura Heights Beer.

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Crafting beer that
truly conveys the manufacturer’s feeling

Each and every process is performed by a brewer with advanced techniques, born from careful and painstaking manual work.

We want to make better beer, and we want to see the smiles of people enjoying a beer in one hand.
We keep those smiles in mind as we devote ourselves to our daily work.

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